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And Now Many Words From My Resident Texting Experts - and continued chances to win a gift certificate for yourself

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I was thrilled with the number and quality of questions you all submitted for me to ask my kids regarding teens and texting. I had so many wonderful ones to choose from - let's get right to it. I divided the questions up and sent some of them to each of my kids by email. I decided writing the answers would probably lead to a more relaxed and possibly a more honest approach. I didn't want them sitting there deciding how mom wanted them to respond. Also, these are their answers as written. I only corrected capitalization and (far too many) misspellings.

General phone and texting use
How many text messages do you get a day approximately?
19 year old son: I get around 50 texts a day depending on the day of the week. Weekends are probably a little higher.

Q: Do you & your friends prefer talking or texting more?
19 year old son: I think texting has its uses. It's a very convenient way to quickly ask someone a question. I tend to make few phone calls, but only because I go talk to people face to face. So all in all, we prefer to talk, but we text as well.

Q: Do you share your number with everyone or only people you know well?
19 year old son: Only people I know well.
13 year old son:If I think they would just annoy me I don't.

Q: Would you be offended if your parents wanted to look and see who you were texting and who was texting you.
16 year old son: Yes. While I have nothing to hide, my cell phone is my personal property. To inspect it would be a gesture of distrust. However, if there was legitimate concern over who I was texting or who was texting me, I would gladly hand over my phone.
13 year old son:YNot at all. I don't report stuff to my parents, but hypothetically they could check my phone whenever they wanted.

Q: Do you have any restrictions with your phone? Are there hours of the day you are not allowed to use it?
16 year old son: Yes. Any time between 10 P.M. and 7 A.M. is restricted. Also, I cannot access the internet or use games with my phone; this is to prevent it becoming a distraction.

Q: What parameters did your parents give you when you got your cell phone?
19 year old daughter:No usage at night, I didn't have texting when I first got a phone. I didn't use it when we had company or I was visiting someone.

Q: Do any of your friends not have a cell phone?
16 year old son: No. Cell phones have saturated my generation entirely; they're considered a basic resource.

Q: Have your parents actually talked to you about your use of the cell phone?
16 year old son: Yes, when it was first purchased. We talked about what services I could or couldn't use on the phone.

Q: Why do kids text instead of just call?
16 year old son: Texting is more casual, used to communicate brief messages. One can also text while working on something else. Many teens use texting to communicate during school hours, when a silenced text can be sent and received without the notice created by a phone conversation.

Q: How open do you feel you can be with your parents regarding your texting habits?
16 year old son:If it ever became a concern, I would be very open. But as I mainly use texting as a social utility, it doesn't come up much in conversation.

Q: Is texting common at your school?
16 year old son:Extremely. Everyone I know owns a phone with texting.

Texting and driving, sexting, etc.
Q: I recently heard on television about a study that said "teens who text a lot are more likely to be involved in teen sex and/or drugs." What are your teens thoughts on this study?

19 year old son: I think that survey wouldn't hold true for college students. In college texting is mainly used as a social network. As with facebook, I think almost everyone in college texts, regardless of their beliefs on sex and drugs. I would imagine that in younger teens this survey could very well be a true statement.

Q:How prevalent is sexting, truly?
19 year old son: I think sexting is a joke. Or maybe I only know classy people. I have never heard of anyone sexting.
16 year old son: It's uncommon, but it does happen. I've only heard about people who did it once or twice.

Q: How many of their friends text and drive?
19 year old son: A good few of my friends text and drive. I try to stop it when I see it though. I honestly never text and drive
19 year old daughter:Only one. Needless to say, I do not ride with him.

Q: Ask your kids if they text when driving? Or if they'd admit to it if they did.
19 year old daughter:
I don't text while I drive.

Q: I believe that the only way an individual can protect themselves or others from harm while driving and texting is to impose some sort of restrictions on themselves, such as turning off their phones. Do your children that drive take any precautions while driving? And not something from you or your husband, but something they do for themselves each time they get in the car?
19 year old daughter:I usually turn mine on silent while driving.

Q:I'd like to know if any teachers or counselors actually DO caution kids about any of these subjects.ear old son.
19 year old son: Oh yeah. But people don't really care.

Q: Have they been informed about the statistics of kids killed while texting and driving?
19 year old son: Maybe. Our generation is bombarded with statistics though. I'm sure most of us have heard it but couldn't tell you a number anywhere near the correct statistic.

Q: And what about sexting? Do they know the laws on that, and consequences should those laws be broken?
19 year old son: No. I didn't know it was illegal. I just thought it was perverse.

Q: How do you define bullying when it comes to texting or other social media? Have you ever encountered any texts that you perceived as an attempt to bully or pressure you in some way?

16 year old son: Bullying while texting would be sending slurs or insults--the same sort of bullying happens online. I haven't encountered text-bullying, and I haven't heard about it from others.

Q: I would love if you could ask your kids if they have ever been bullied through a text message or know anyone who has? I've heard that this is getting more prevalent (the bully doesn't even need to face the person that they are attacking) and I would love to know if they have any advice for teens who find themselves being bullied by text.
19 year old daughter:I don't recall ever being bullied, but I didn't start texting until I was 18, and I'd like to think that by that age, most bullies have grown up a little. My best advice is just to ignore it because if the bully doesn't get the satisfaction of you reacting, he/she will most likely give it a rest.
13 year old son:I personally haven't, nor do I know anyone who has.

Q: Ask your 13 and 16 year-olds if bullying by text is an issue at their schools. If it is, what has the school done about it?
13 year old son: I don't think it is. The school has a very active anti cyber-bullying program and I think that helps prevent Students bullying by text. Also, people can't bully you if you don't give them your number

Texting in school
Q: Are kids texting in school to cheat on tests?
16 year old son:Yes, often. I've heard about students using a couple methods. First, some students send each other information about questions by using a phone under their desks or asking to be excused and texting in the hall. Secondly, it is possible to text Google or other online services a question and receive the answer within moments; from what I've heard, this is especially useful during vocabulary or math tests.

Q: How strict are the teachers about kids accessing their cell phones during class or between classes, and do kids sneak texts in anyway?
19 year old daughter:It depends on the teacher. I have one who will take a letter grade off your final grade if you text. It still happens, though.
13 year old son:
There's a school-wide policy that you cannot have you phone out during the day, but it basically varies by the teacher. Most are pretty strict, but at the very end of the school day some don't care very much if you have it out. People will text during the day at their lockers sometimes. It's obvious when the girls are texting down in their purses.

Have you had a conversation with your kids (or nephews/nieces, grandchildren) about texting, sexting and safety? BlogHer is matching LG’s donation of .50 to for every comment on this post, so please tell me about your conversation with your kids in the comments. Or if you haven’t had the conversation yet, what’s holding you back? Maybe another reader will have the perfect suggestion for how you can get your conversation going. It’s important for all our families, and will get a $1.00 for every comment, question or suggestion.

In addition, each comment left on this post will be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to the merchandiser of your choice. I will draw the winner from the comments on this post as well as the previous post using or Monday, November 29. So, let's keep the discussion going.

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Initiating Conversation about Teens and Texting (with donations to and a gift certificate for you)

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about teens and texting on this blog. Many of you submitted thoughtful comments. Several bloggers had been asked by BlogHer and LG to write about this subject. Technology is pervasive and invasive in our lives and our teens' lives and as parents, we do ourselves and our kids a disservice by not realizing that the world we are raising our children in is absolutely not the same world from our youth. As far as technology goes, I believe my parents limited how late I could stay up watching television but Happy Days or Mork and Mindy on one of the "big three" networks was about as risque as it got. Movie theatres carded you if you were under 18 and tried to get into an R movie. And my parents freaked out when I came home with an AC/DC album. That is pretty much the extent of technology during my teen years.

My parents didn't have to talk to me about talking on a phone or texting while driving, sexting was not in the dictionary back then, pocket sized cameras on cellphones in locker rooms was something we could only imagine from an episode of Star Trek, and while bullying has always been around - only technology could have taken it to the level it is today.

Today's parents find ourselves in the situation of needing to have another talk with our kids. The online and cell phone talk. And, just like the sex talk, this is one where by the time we get around to discussing some of these vital issues with our kids, they've already had more experience in these areas than we'd care to think about. It's an important talk. It's actually a series of important conversations we need to have with our children over a protracted period of time.

Because this topic is so important for our kids and their futures, BlogHer wants to get the conversation about texting, sexting, and safety going - both with our kids and among parents. To do so, BlogHer has once again asked a group of bloggers to post about this issue. But we are doing it with a twist this time.

Allow me to introduce my kids. I have a 13 year old son, a 16 year old son, a 19 year old daughter and a 19 year old son. They all text. They all have camera enabled cell phones. Three of them drive. This technology has been part of their lives for years and will continue to be part of their lives.

I'd like to ask my kids some questions on this blog and then post their answers. Have an online conversation about these critical issues. I need some help though. I need you all to submit questions you'd like me to ask my kids. Would you like to ask any of them a question about texting? About cell phone use? How about bullying, sexting, or technology at school? Questions about teens and texting while driving? For each comment you leave on this post, BlogHer and LG will each give a .50 donation to, so please give me your suggestions for questions for my kids. will get a $1.00 donation for each and every one.

Ask away. I'll pass the question along to the teen you'd like me to ask, or the one I think can address the question best. Two weeks from now, I'll publish your questions and my kids' answers. I think it will be very interesting to hear what their view is on these subjects as well.

You might want to read the other posts about teens and texting which can be found at BlogHer.
LG has a great site that includes fabulous resources for parents about texting (including deciphering that shorthand they use).
You can check out Jane Lynch's video on this subject here.

As an added incentive, I am personally going to give one commenter a $25 gift certificate to the merchandiser of their choice. I'll draw this randomly from all the comments on this post and a followup post I'll be doing in two weeks. This gift certificate will be purchased by me personally and I will receive nothing in return from any merchandiser. You don't have to do a thing except leave me a thoughtful comment with a question for my kids or enter the discussion in the comments about parenting, teens and texting.

( selected comment #13, Fragrant Liar, as our giveaway winner. The giveaway is now closed but I'd love to hear any further comments you'd like to leave.)

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Fresh Produce Women's Clothing Giveaway

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Fresh Produce is a clothing company with a difference. What started in 1984 in Long Beach when Thom and Mary Ann Vernon began selling silk-screened t-shirts in bright graphics and custom jewelry at the '84 Summer Olympics in the parking lot across the street from the coliseum has since blossomed. The concept then was the same as now - to bring the emotions, the colors, the sensations, the leisure of beach life to everyday life through fashion. Now in its third decade, Fresh Produce continues to be primarily Made in the USA and has grown into a $50 million company with one of the most original, refreshing and captivating casual, resort and sportswear lines in America. Known and loved by women ages 6 months to 60-plus for lush colors, year-round sensibility, simply inspired design and coastal comfort, Fresh Produce continues to delight customers around the globe. Fresh Produce can be found in Nordstrom, Walt Disney resorts and stores, and over 400 specialty boutiques and resort retailers.When Fresh Produce contacted me about reviewing some of their clothing, I was thrilled. Honestly, it was a new company to me as we don't really trip over Nordstroms here in my little suburb. I was sent the Shorefront Cardigan in black as well as the Cafe Wrap Dress in sangria.
As a middle aged woman, I sometimes find it difficult to find women's clothing that is stylish without looking too trendy or young. It was love at first sight with my Fresh Produce clothing.

Honestly, I have worn my cardigan most days of the week since receiving it. I first noticed that "made in the USA" tag when I opened it and was very impressed. It is a perfect weight for this time of year. Not too heavy but still warm enough for those early mornings or the chill of an office air conditioner. I think it is cute loose or belted. I am a cardigan loving woman and own quite a few. This is my favorite one!
The sangria color of the dress happens to be my favorite clothing color. (They surprised me with what styles they sent me and the colors. They know me better than my family!) I think this dress would be perfect for most summer days. Pull it on and you look put together. What has happened to my beautiful sangria dress? My college daughter has stolen it already.I guess that proves their claim to be loved by women of all ages.

Now the good news for you. First, you can treat yourself or someone you love to some of this delightful clothing sOr you can look for it in a retailer near you.

One of you will win a Tide Is In Tunic for herself! I love the detail - the pintucks and the water swirls print. I know you will love this clothing line as much as I do.How to enter:
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Teens and Texting

Teens and texting. Those two terms go hand-in-hand and as a parent of four teens, I don't think they will be inseparable until the next, greatest technology breakthrough occurs that surpasses texting.

As a parent, I wanted to be able to text my kids. I could see that was the direction I needed to head in if I wanted to be able to keep in contact with my kids when they weren't in the same house as me. Especially as my oldest headed off to college, I knew texting would be key in maintaining our relationship. Even with mine that still live with me, my middle son who tends to be quieter and much more reluctant to enter into conversations with the family will text me when he is not here and is rather chatty.

So, we text. But as anyone who has spent any time around teens knows, their texting isn't always quite like the parent's texting. First of all, they are fast. I'm astounded at how fast my daughter can text. She can also text with complete accuracy and never look at her keypad.

The other difference is that teens tend to use shortened lingo when they text. Sure, we see some of that on blogs as well. I think we are all fairly familiar with LOL and even LMAO. But what in the world are those shortened forms our kids are using?

Have you read any of your kids texts to their friends? Accidentally or because you had reason to believe you might need to be a little more aware for their safety or well-being?

If you have, I bet you have come across plenty of shortened forms you were at a loss to define. KPC apparently stands for "keep parents clueless" and it sure seems to be working as far as texting goes.

In my online searching for this post, I found a wonderful resource by LG where you can enter your teen's texting lingo and up will pop the translation. Additionally, the site has a glossary containing hundreds of terms - many of which were submitted by parents. If you saw "420" on little Brittany's phone, would you know it was a drug reference?

Again, as a parent of teens, I feel like it is our job to be diligent. We give them this technology - this ability to stay in constant contact with anyone anywhere without us having any idea of what is going on. Once we give them this ability, I think it is our responsibility to help them learn to use it wisely and safely. Knowing what they are saying is just the tip of the iceberg.

I'd love to hear about your experiences. Have you gone onto your teen's phone to read any texts? Have you seen him or her using texting lingo? Have you ever gone online to search for what an acronym might mean? I feel that by sharing our experiences, fears, and successes, we can help each other learn to navigate this texting road. Ours is the first parenting generation to travel this road and we can support each other on the trip. I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Each comment left will generate a $0.50 donation to is one of the largest organizations in the US that helps young people rock causes they care about. A $0.50 donation will be made per comment left on this or any "LG Text Ed - Moms Discuss Teens and Texting" post, up to $5000 total.

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Beach Bag Giveaway from Simply Bags

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I have another wonderful company to introduce to you today: Simply Bags.

Simply Bags has a diverse selection of bags - everything from beach bags to laptop bags. I was impressed when I went to the website and saw the quantity and quality of bags offered.

I love this Leopard Print Bag (only $29.99 and that includes monogram).
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Perricone Giveaway and Release of Forever Young Book

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If you've read many of my posts, then you know that while I'm not looking to convince people I'm a 27 year old woman, I'd still rather folks not catch a glimpse of me, cover their eyes, and go screaming in the other direction. Sadly, I didn't grow up in the age of sunscreen. Otherwise, I've tried to take reasonable care of my skin. Still, aging happens.

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Clean+Green Pet Cleaning Products Giveaway

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A few months ago I had the opportunity to review some products from Clean+Green. I love the fact that they are a company focusing on eco-friendly products for pet owners. I know many of you have pets and would like to be able to clean and freshen your home, remove any unwanted pet stains or odors, and accomplish this in an enviromentally friendly way. Clean+Green offers the products we all need to achieve these goals.

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According to the Environmental Protection Association (EPA), typical household cleaning products and air fresheners are one of the leading contributors to poor indoor air quality. The agency reports that poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues; because babies/children – and pets! - are closer to the ground, they are more often in direct contact with these harmful substances.

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DVD Giveaway - To Save A Life

Jake Taylor has it all, friends, fame, a basketball scholarship and the hottest girl in school. What could be better? Enter Roger Dawson. Roger has nothing. No friends. No hope. Nothing but put-downs and getting pushed aside. Jake and Roger were best friends when they were kids. But the politics of high school quickly pulled them apart. Now Roger doesn’t fit in Jake’s – or anyone’s circle – and he’s had enough. He walks onto campus with a gun in his pocket and pain in his heart and makes a tragic move. Jake’s last-ditch effort can’t stop Roger, and the sudden tragedy rocks Jake’s world. Something breaks loose inside and sends him questioning everything. Most of all, he can’t shake the question; could I have saved Roger? In a quest for answers, Jake finds himself looking for the next Roger and reaching out to the outcasts and lonely. But he quickly finds that crossing class castes threatens all his world is built on. And it could cost him his own friends, his girl, his dreams and even his reputation. Is it worth the price to find the answer to his ultimate question; what do I want my life to be about?

To Save a Life stands out as an inspirational film amongst other teen high school movies because of its message of hope and perseverance in a world of teenage challenges and temptations.

Sony Home Pictures is releasing To Save A Life on DVD and Blu-ray August 3, 2010.

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The Bounty Hunter DVD Giveaway

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In celebration of the July 13 release of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's star-studded The Bounty Hunter, I have been offered a copy of the DVD for one lucky reader! This movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler and is rated PG-13.

Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his bail-jumping ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). He thinks all that's ahead is an easy payday, but when Nicole gives him the slip so she can chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo realizes that nothing ever goes simply with him and Nicole. The exes continually one-up each other - until they find themselves on the run for their lives. They thought their promise to love, honor and obey was tough - staying alive is going to be a whole lot tougher.

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Dressing Your Truth Giveaway

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Would you love to be able to go into a dressing room and try on clothes without those negative feelings most of us take in there along with the latest fashions? Would you like to stop buying clothes and accessories you never wear? How about having the ability to stop hating your body and to have the tools to know what looks best on you?

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Tuttle will help you find out your "type" based on your physical features, personality and psychological profile. This will help you feel more comfortable about yourself, enabling you to shop with a purpose and understand what truly suits you.

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When asked what the one main thing women who've read the book say that they've learned, Tuttle's response is "The truth of who they are and permission to live it!"

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KN Karen Neuburger Giveaway

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I'm not a high-maintenance gal but I will tell you what I feel is very important in my life - comfort. I love soft things, high quality fabric, and anything that makes me feel pampered or sleep well.
Enter KN Karen Neuburger.
KN Karen Neuburger makes sleeping in softness simple and stylish. The KN Karen Neuburger® lifestyle brand is synonymous with comfort-inspired fashion apparel and home merchandise. The brand’s comfort promise can be experienced in heritage sleepwear and loungewear for the whole family, crafting products, women’s accessories, bath and body products, hospital apparel, and the KN Luxury Home® collection of furnishings and d├ęcor.What woman wouldn't want to surround herself in such quality fabric and beautiful designs? The selection includes long and short sleeves, long pants, shorts, and capris and well as sleep shirts. They even have a wonderful line for the men in your life (Tip for Father's Day!).How about a lovely pair of pajamas for the woman in you life? I love to give my mom nice things like this and then forbid her to "save" them as women are so prone to do. Or if you are a woman, buy some for yourself. Don't we all deserve to pamper ourselves occasionally. Trust me, you won't regret this.KN Karen Neuburger was generous enough to send me a pair of their chenille lounge socks to review. I love these things! So soft and luxurious - even after being washed several times. They also come with wonderful non-slip soles so you can pad around the house in these doing all those mom things and not worry about falling. You can buy any of the Karen Neuburger items at Dillard's, Bon Ton Stores, or online at Karen Neuburger. The lounge socks retail for $15.But, lucky you! I have a pair of Karen Neuburger lounge socks to offer to two readers. They are the brighter pink ones from this photo.How do you win?

~Leave a comment on this post. This is the first entry.

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This giveaway will close at midnight June 20 and I will email the winners. I was sent a pair of lounge socks to review prior to doing this giveaway. I received no other compensation and was under no obligation as to what I wrote in the review.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Did You Hear About The Morgans? DVD Giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed. chose number 46, Jus and Kat as our winner.

Did You Hear About The Morgans? was just released on DVD. I get to offer one lucky reader a copy.Hugh Grant and Sara Jessica Parker star in this delightful comedy about finding love in the most unexpected places. Two successful new Yorkers, Paul (Grant) and Meryl (Parker), are at their wits' end with repairing their strained marriage. But when they become the only witnesses to a brutal murder, the police hide them away in Wyoming - together. Now these die-hard city dwellers will have to survive the weather, bears, fresh air, and forced time with one another if they want to make it out alive.

If you'd like to win a copy of this DVD, please leave me a comment below.

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Good luck! I will close this giveaway midnight March 23.

(I did not receive any product or compensation for this giveaway.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me Book Giveaway

*Giveaway is now closed. chose numbers 8, Amy, and number 7, Sona, as our winners.

Are you worried that your sweet child might be having a small dose of entitlement? Has it become apparent to you that parenting would be easier if your child didn't constantly have certain expectations of what should happen in life while lacking the ability to cope if those expectations aren't met?Donna Corwin, author of numerous parenting books including Time-Out for Toddlers, has written an excellent new book, Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me: Preventing or Reversing Entitlement in Your Child's Attitude. Ms. Corwin begins the book by stating that entitled children are not born - they are created. She then readily admits she was creating one in her daughter.
Entitled children are created when parents, often as the result of the best of intentions, overindulge their children with not only material items, but the attitude that rules and limits set by the rest of society somehow do not apply to them.

Consumerism and advertising certainly help push parents into this trap. New parents are bombarded with advertising and advice on which products they simply must have for their babies. Ms. Corwin gives a heartbreaking example of a new mom who had purchased a completely useful and safe stroller for her new baby only to be told by other parents that she needed a better one - a much more expensive one. This type of attitude soon extends to other avenues of life and as the child grows, he/she becomes all too aware that only the best is good enough.

I remember only too well the barrage of items my husband and I lugged around with us when our firstborn twins were small. Admittedly, almost none of our items were purchased new and some had been through multiple children prior to ours. However, we still needed a top carrier to hold the belongings of a family of four in order to travel. By the time our fourth child was born, our family of six could travel with a few small pieces of luggage and the top carrier has been gathering dust in the garage since. We finally realized the child needed us and that was about it. What a liberating realization that was.

But entitled children are not reared strictly on material items. Ms. Corwin further points out that it is the child who feels that he/she can interrupt any adult conversation and get immediate attention, or the child who has not been taught values or respect. These children also grow up feeling entitled.

Ms. Corwin begins Chapter One with a wonderful checklist to ascertain if your child has entitlement behavior. These include not responding to "no" or "stop", not following rules, not knowing the difference between "needs" and "wants", not sharing, being bossy or selfish, etc. I would think any parent who is being honest with him or herself would be able to read through that list and discover if perhaps his or her child was heading down the wrong path.

Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me is written in language easy to understand. Ms. Corwin identifies problem behavior and then offers practical ways to solve the problems. She ascertains that it is never too early or too late to correct the behaviors leading to the entitlement behavior.

My only fear with this book is that the parents who truly need to read it, won't. Isn't that always the way? I wish this book was required by all preschools as mandatory reading prior to beginning the program. All kindergartens could require it along with their screening process. What a difference it could make to our children - all of whom we would like to see become productive and desirable members of society. My children are older but I still found useful information in this book. I also found support for some of the parenting practices my husband and I have been using all of their lives.

Give Me, Get Me, Buy Me is available through Amazon for $11.66. TLC book tours provided me with a copy of this book in order for me to be able to write this review. I received no other compensation. They have also very generously offered to provide two copies of this book to my readers.

For your first entry, just leave a comment below.

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I will close this giveaway Monday, March 22 at midnight and notify the winners by email. If your profile does not link to an email, please leave one in your comment.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clean+Green Eco-Friendly Pet Cleaning Products Giveaway chose number 17, Frugalista Mama, as our winner. Congratulations!

I have two cats. They are indoor/outdoor cats. Like most pet owners, I worry about my house smelling like a pet. There is nothing worse than going into a home and having it smell like a wet dog or a litter box. Even as a pet lover, I know that pets can cause some problems in a home.

When the nice folks from Clean+Green contacted me a few weeks ago, I was excited to try their products. They promote products that work for our animal "issues" without adding pollutants or unnecessary chemicals to our homes.

According to the Environmental Protection Association (EPA), typical household cleaning products and air fresheners are one of the leading contributors to poor indoor air quality. The agency reports that poor indoor air quality can lead to health issues; because babies/children – and pets! - are closer to the ground, they are more often in direct contact with these harmful substances.

Clean+Green® are the only eco-friendly aerosol pet cleaning products on the planet. Unlike most other cleaning products that can be harmful, require multiple applications and/or only temporarily mask odors, Clean + Green delivers instant results in a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution. Clean+Green permanently cleans stains and eradicates odors. It is safe for pets, people (kids too!), and the planet.

Each Clean+Green product is individually formulated to address a specific odor/stain problem and can be used on carpet and area rugs, wood floors, tile, cement and all fabrics. The products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-carcinogenic and will not damage the ozone layer – with no harsh chemicals or perfumes, no VOCs and no CFCs.

Clean+Green sent me the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Freshener as well as the Litter Box Odor Eliminator. I tried both products and really enjoyed them. I used the Litter Box spray before company was coming over. I couldn't smell any odor coming from the litter box after I used it, yet the cats were not put off by the spray.

They have a wide range of products for dogs, cats, small animals in cages and birds. Basically, if you own it and it can cause some housekeeping issues, they can help you. All of their products are under $10 (many are $7.99) and they are offering free shipping on orders over $30 from their website.

For one lucky reader, they are offering 6 cans of products of their choice! All you have to do is leave a comment below and you will be entered in the giveaway. Want some extra entries? Then do any/all of the following and leave one additional comment for each:
*Follow this blog
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If your profile or comment leads me to your email, great! If not, please leave your email address in your comment. I will close this giveaway at midnight on March 10 and use to determine the winner.

Clean+Green provided me with the two products I talked about in this review. My opinions are my own. I received no other compensation for this review.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marlise Karlin "Imagine" CD Giveaway

This Giveaway is now closed. chose number 11 as our winner - Winterbabe98. Congrats!

Who couldn't use a little more peace and balance in his or her life? I know I could. Especially this year with winter seemingly lasting forever.

Marlise Karlin is a world renowned spiritual teacher who has traveled the globe teaching people how to reconnect with their true essence to bring peace and balance back into their lives by experiencing The Simplicity of Stillness.

Marlise has just released her latest Stillness Session on CD called "Imagine".

Stillness Sessions™ are an experiential form of teaching designed to move people beyond the limitations and agitations of the mind and into their natural state of being. These journeys are accompanied by music and words infused with the profound energy and vibration of Stillness

If you'd like to sample the music, you may go here. The CD is an hour long and retails for $17.95. You may purchase one by going here.

I have one copy of Marlise's CD to give away to a lucky reader. If you'd like to bring a little more stillness and peace into your life, you may do the following:
~Leave a comment below.
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As usual, please make sure I have a way to contact you if your email is not connected to your profile. This giveaway will end Sunday February 21 at midnight. Good luck!

(The media company will ship the CD directly to my winner. I was provided with the information about the giveaway but received no products or other compensation.)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Win a Wii Winter Sports Game

*Random number generator chose number 67, Helena, as our winner. Congrats Helena!

Apparently, our family was the last family anywhere to get a Wii. Finally, we received one for Christmas from my in-laws. I love it. I'm a huge game player and you would think with four kids in the family, I'd get my fill of playing games. I don't. I could still play more.

So far, we have Wii Play and Wii Sports. I am a master at billiards and bowling. Golf, not so much. But, I love them all.
When I was contacted by D3 Publishers about offering a giveaway of one of their Wii games, Family Party: 30 Great Winter Games Family Fun, I jumped at the offer. I know a lot of you have Wiis and would enjoy a new, fun game for it.
Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun offers winter themed games exclusively for the Wii™, just in time for this year’s big winter sporting events! Players can choose from over a dozen cute characters dressed head-to-toe in customizable winter outfits, participate in up to four player action (including multiplayer co-op), and get in the spirit of playing all-time favorite winter games as they compete and unlock new games and challenges, achieve high scores and win medals! 30 Fun, Addictive Games Optimized for Wii - Players will exercise while playing their favorite winter snow competitions and playground snow games without leaving home.
* Winter Sport Competitions: cross-country ski, figure skate, ice canoe, bobsled, and even snow plow!* Playground Snow Games: compete against friends in a snowball fight, snow tube race, and more!
* Brain Freezing Challenges: test your wit at memory games, help Santa deliver presents and create beautiful star constellations!

Play With Up to 4 Friends – Players do not have to be professional athletes to compete in this game! Winter Fun is entertaining for the whole family with support for up to 4 players in Challenge or Battle Mode and now features multiplayer co-op team events for the first time.

This game is rated "E" for everyone and retails for $19.95. D3Publisher will send one of my lucky readers a copy of their very own.

-Leave a comment below for one entry.
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Please make sure your contact info leads me to an email or leave your email in your comment.
I will close this giveaway at midnight, Wednesday, February 10. Good luck!

*I have received no product or compensation for doing this giveaway. Maybe the winner can invite me over to play!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pottery Giveaway from LennyMud

**Our Lucky Winners are #15 Anna See, #32 Cindy, #46 Gay Vaughn, #17 Secret Mom Thought, and #38 Joanna Jenkins. Congratulations to them all. I will contact them by email for their information and forward it to Lorrie.

What isn't better with chocolate?

That's right - absolutely nothing. If all life was chocolate coated, there would be no need for thankful posts because everyone would be frolicking and smiling, birds would be singing, and flowers would forever be in bloom. Or at least that is what it looks like in my mind.

I have a wonderful giveaway for you today. It combines so many of my favorite things in one. Bloggers, pottery, chocolate (or at least the mention of it), and free.

First, I am proud to say that this giveaway is by none other that Lorrie Veasey, a fellow blogger as well as designer for Our Name is Mud - a National Pottery Company. Lorrie has been my online buddy since shortly after I started blogging and they don't make online friends any better. Or potters.

I am happy to say I am the proud owner of several of Lorrie's beautiful works including mugs, bowls, and platters. They are gorgeous, eye-catching, unique, and sturdy. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not big on items that I have to set up on a pedestal and never touch for fear of breaking. Lorrie's items are not like that. I use her pottery daily and even sent one mug to college with my daughter.

What do I have for you today, you are asking. Lorrie has very generously offered to give five (yes, 5!) of my readers the cutest plaque you have ever seen. Yes, it is perfect for Valentine's Day but I would enjoy this cutie year round. It is featured in her Etsy shop which showcases beautiful pottery - all made by Lorrie herself.

Now, for this giveaway and since Lorrie is a buddy of mine, I'm going to ask you to do a little more to qualify.

First, go over to Lorrie's Etsy shop, LennyMud, come back and tell me something you saw that you loved. I need you to do this to qualify for the giveaway.

But wait, you can get extra entries as well! (Please leave me a separate comment for each.)
* Visit Lorrie's new blog, Trail of Hearts, where she selflessly promotes her favorite items she has found throughout Etsy. Leave Lorrie a comment on that blog then come back and tell me you visited her.
*Follow this blog. Just leave me a comment if you are follower.
*Tweet about this giveaway.
*Blog about this giveaway.

I will close this giveaway Friday, January 29 at midnight. I will use to draw our lucky winners and then contact them by email. Which reminds me, please leave me a way to contact you if your blogger account doesn't link to your email or blog.

While I am already the happy owner of pieces of pottery by Lorrie, I am receiving no compensation for this giveaway. Except the satisfaction of hooking up some lucky readers with some great pottery.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sony's Girls' Night In - Nine DVDs Giveaways.

*Giveaway is now closed. Random number generator chose comment number 53 for our winner. Congratulations Suzi! I will email Suzi and forward her mailing information to Sony.

Wouldn't it be great to gather your friends around on one of these cold winter nights for a Girls' Night In complete with great movies? I think so too. Fortunately, so does Sony.

Sony's Girls' Night In package includes nine great DVDs - perfect for hosting your friends over for your own Girls' Night. One lucky reader will win all of the following.
-Cruel Intentions
-Every Time We Say Goodbye
-The Way We Were
-Only You
-Peggy Sue Got Married
-The Sweetest Thing
-Stomp The Yard
-The Wedding Planner

Sounds like a good Girls' Night to me!

Additionally, Sony is running a "Dear John" promotion. You can receive a free movie ticket to "Dear John" when you buy specially marked Sony DVDS with this sticker: You can read more about this promotion here. "Dear John" stars Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum and is based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. You can visit the "Dear John" website here.

What a fun package for these long, cold winter days.

To enter, leave me a comment below. For extra entries, you may do any of the following:
-Follow this blog
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-Tweet about this giveaway.

I'll use to draw a very lucky winner on Monday, January 18.

Sony provided me with the information related above. Prized will come directly from them. I did not receive any compensation or products from Sony for this giveaway.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clean Water for Everyone and PUR Giveaway

*Giveaway now closed.

I am embarrassed to admit that only in the last few years have I become aware of the global crisis concerning clean drinking water. Oh sure, I have always known that there were areas where clean drinking water was hard to come by. But only recently have I learned of the enormity of this crisis.

4,000 children in developing countries die every day from illness and disease related to unsafe drinking water.

I don't know about you, but that number is staggering to me. 4,000 children a day. Imagine. Imagine a life where we as parents could try all we wanted and still be unable to provide our beloved children with water that wouldn't kill them. I just can't imagine.

When PUR contacted me about doing a post to raise awareness of this problem, I immediately agreed. You know how it goes. Only when we all join together can true change really occur. Here's what I learned from PUR.

PUR along with its not-for-profit partner, the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program (CSDW), is committed to alleviating this global crisis by providing clean drinking water to those in need.

• This coming January PUR is partnering with “Summit on the Summit” (SOTS), a celebrity climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro featuring Jessica Biel, Alexandra Cousteau and others that will raise awareness and funds for clean drinking water efforts. You can learn more about the summit here.
• Dr. Greg Allgood, Founder and Director of CSDW, will be joining the climb as the water authority, educating the climbers on the global water crisis and what is being done to help.

How Can We Help?

* When you buy a PUR, you’re not only helping your family get clean water, but a family across the world.
* 1 System = 1 Week: For every PUR system purchase, one week of clean drinking water is provided to a child in the developing world through CSDW. To-date, CSDW has already provided 1.8 billion liters of clean water to children and their families around the world.

Why Is PUR a Smart Choice for Families?
• By simply using a PUR water filter, you will remove many of the common contaminants found in drinking water. Including: 94% of atrazine, 98% of lead and other metals, 99.9% of microbial cysts and 96-99% of pharmaceuticals.
• Switching from bottled water to filtered water and a reusable bottle can save one person up to $600 a year and eliminate up to 3,200 plastic bottles.

In other words, by helping ourselves provide the best possible water for our families and decreasing the environmental impact of plastic water bottles, we can also help provide water around the world. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

PUR would also like to give one of my readers a PUR pitcher. To be eligible, just leave me a comment below. If you'd like additional entries, you can do any or all of the following:
~Become a follower of this blog.
~Tweet about this post.
~Blog about this post.
Please leave me an additional comment for each of the above. Also, make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you are the lucky winner.

PUR provided me with the information about the summit I have shared with you. I have received no other compensation from them.

Giveaway will end at midnight on January 11.

*Our winner is #32 - Kaylen. Congratulations Kaylen. I will contact Kaylen for her mailing information.